16 Best Chat Apps – Our Top Chatting Apps For 2020

16 Best Chat Apps – Our Top Chatting Apps For 2020

Nowadays it has been a trend in searching of messenger chat, video chat or some other chat application in play store and this chat application will help you in different options and it is mainly used for smartphones in both IOS and Android.In this article let us discuss some of the top chat application it is very helpful for the use of customers.


Now WhatsApp is running in the top position, it is one of the most popular chat that is available on android and IOS system millions of people are using WhatsApp.

What we like

For unlimited calling, video calling, free application to application messaging and group texting is done popularly

What we don’t like

WhatsApp is a security concernMark Zuckerberg wants this Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to build in a secured way which is essential for users. Stronger internet connection is mandatory for good and clear video call.

Some of the WhatsApp features

Push notifications, voice call, end to end encryption is done with smartphone and transferring documents and photos.


Millions of users are using telegram it is a best platform to transfer messages from one end to the other end by encrypting and you can call with Instagram privately.

What we like

Most of the people need security option in a flexible wayanad it is with good customization and the file limit is unlimited for transferring.

What we don’t like

There is no video calling option and the voice calls is not clarity due to some connection issues are the main disadvantages in the telegram.


Some of the features in telegram

It is accessible to store the chat history in the cloud and it is available with multiple emojis and stickers.Photo editing and video editing options available and you can use group chat for above 1 lakh people.

Group me

Group me is a type of a text messaging application which helps to transfer text messages instantly.

What we like

It is a very good social textbook application and you can instantly share 1to 1 messages, photos and videos

What we don’t like

This is not acceptable for individual texting you can text to share bulk of messages.

Sum of Group features

Here you have very good conference calling with very good quality and you can easily create events to participate in a group call.


Line is one of the excellent chat applications like Viber and WhatsApp it is a very good messenger that offers video and voice quality that is introduced in Asia.

What we like

It is one of the excellent applications which keeps all the conversations in one place here you can call even to landline but it is not free but it is cheap.

What we don’t like

This application is not well known outside to Asia so you cannot contact your friends outside Asia. Number of advertisements creates irritation and more noisy appearances are introduced in this application.

Some of line’s features

Voice calls are applicable from one application to another application and even to landline but it costs money. Plenty of add-on applications are included.

We Chat

We chat edition of the global social media application it is very popular and hundreds of millions of users are using around the world it is one of the very interesting applications that are available for voice chat.

What we like

Registration process is very easy and you can do high quality of video and voice calling facility in a common platform.

What we don’t like

Interface is very initiative since you cannot share any other big message application.

Some of we chats features

You can do voice messaging, quick pay option is available, video calls with best quality and here you can easily contact nearby people with the help of chat option.

Kakao talk

It is one of the special applications which are known as Korean WhatsApp it is built with best features like video calling, voice calling, instant group messaging, text messaging and location sharing extra.

What we like

You can easily find people by searching their name or address or email address. In this group chats are available with plenty of features and you can even practice by using cross platform.

What we don’t like

During voice call & video call you should be very careful since immediately when you call it will switch to mobile plan so which will go as a paid option.It is not popular outside Korea

Some of the Kakapo Features are

It is defined with excellent audio and video graphics here you can easily share video and photos instantly as group messaging.

Kik messenger

It is a cross platform which is similar to 1to1 group texting category and you can easily set up your account with the help of email address in which you can receive multiple messages from Kik users.

What we like

3 million users are using this platform which is one of the best channel products for text messaging with multiple features.

What we don’t like

You cannot use this application if you are outside the Wi-Fi area.

Some of kik’s features

You can easily do live chatting, group chatting and multimedia messaging is also available excellent video chat application.


Another competitive instant messenger with excellent feature and here you can instantly share photos. It is one of the most popular social media applications that are available in the market which is built with excellent video and voice features and even playing games is available in this application

What we like

It is an excellent platform you can chat easily with your friends by using smartphones, Android, PC, Mac and IOS.

What we don’t like

Here if you have any location service turned off you will instantly get an annoying pop up notification to use your current location so you cannot use it for privacy.

Some of Tango features

Video chat is available, social networking, gaming application, cross platform with applicable with face masks stickers.

Facebook messenger

It is one of the popular instant chat applications that are used for 1.3 billion users.

What we like

Interfacing option is very easy, video qualities very good in mobile and even you can do video call facilities in computers also which will give you a very good experience.

What we don’t like

It is completely controlled by Facebook with all privacy issues and it is still monitored every behavior and data collection.

Some of Facebook messenger features

You can easily share your location, photos, videos and group chat, video calls are available and also you can play games with your friends.

Google Hangouts

Google is a very simple application that is followed in a traditional way, video call option is available with simple chatting which is very easy to use and you should need strong internet connection.

What we like

You have the ability to call even to landlines and SMS messaging.

What we don’t like

Strong internet connection is needed or it will not work.

Some of the Google Hangout features

Group video calling is available with SMS messaging voicemail interaction and even you can send messages from smartphone to computer with photos stickers, emojis and animated gif.

Group FaceTime

This application that suits for apple group iPhone and iPod it will give you a very smooth experience still this group FaceTime works even to older versions.

What we like

This product runs build without any lag and demand you will have a better experience in using this application.


What we don’t like

Security issues are very high since every conversation will be listened so you cannot use it for privacy.

Some of the FaceTime features

Active speaker detection is available you can highlight the people currently talking to you and you can hear ring less notification which will be helpful for without any destruction.

Snap chat

Snap chat design is another real time application which works very well and you can easily share photos, text messages instantly as stories.

What we like

You can easily open your camera mode take photos, edit and instantly you can share photos and videos.

What we don’t like

It is designed with the new interface which will be a little bit confusing with having lots of stories from family, friends and customers.

Some of the Snap chat features

It is designed with video chat, 3d emojis, chatting with stickers lenses are available.


Skype is one of the video chatting software which is very well used to make calls and it is one of the cross platform in which we can use it in computer and mobile.

What we like

It is very well available in all platforms Android, PC, Mac and IOS group calling, video sharing screen sharing is available.

What we don’t like

Disconnections are often happened due to lack of network. Only if you have excellent network connection it works.


Some of the Skype features

Video call is done in an excellent way chat messaging is also available you can do voice calls to mobiles and landlines.

Viber messenger

Viber messenger is also one of the instant popular chat applications that are available in the market like Skype and WhatsApp.

What we like

Viber is designed with excellent features to make landline and mobile calls from entering data encryption.

What we dislike

Video call quality is not good when compared to Skype and FaceTime lot of interactions are occurred

Some of Viber features

It is one of the excellent cross platforms which have free video and voice calls with instant sharing photos, images and stickers.


It is a popular messenger with excellent features such as messaging, conference call, chat rooms and voice call.

What we like

Designed with excellent clean interface and is not built with unnecessary features.

What we don’t like

Video call option is available only from iPhone and PC.

Some of Nimbuzz features

It is an application customized for group chat, file sharing, free messaging app to app voice calls.

Voxer walkie talkie messenger

It is a very good technology that works with Vodafone it is excellent featured as push to talk and it is excellent work with 3GB video calling.

What we like

Unlimited message storage option is available and you can even send voice messages instantly.

What we don’t like 

Bug reports are introduced often when you send messages

Sum of Voxer features

Live audio chatting is available with delayed playback messages. Private chat and group chat is available from end to end encryption with unlimited message sharing and file sharing.


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