Top 12 Sites Like Omegle to chat in 2019 (Ordered by popularity)

Top 12 Sites Like Omegle to chat in 2019 (Ordered by popularity)

There multiple random video sites that are available to chat and also it offer many similar features like Omegle. In this content let us discuss some of the top video chat sites that are available with its features.

Top 12 Random Video Chat Sites

we are giving a list of top 12 random video chat sites like omegla to chat with strangers any time and any where,so enjoy our list.


  1. (3,000,000 MUV)
  2. (2,000,000 MUV)
  3. (2,000,000 MUV)
  4. (1,000,000 MUV)
  5. (1,000,000 MUV)
  6. (400,000 MUV)
  7. (350,000 MUV)
  8. (300,000 MUV)
  9. (200,000 MUV)
  10. (80,000 MUV)
  11. (60,000 MUV)
  12. (60,000 MUV)


1) (3,000,000 MUV)

Monthly Unique Visitor 3,000,000
Top Users US/China/India/Brasil/Japan
Gender Male Dominant

Chat random is the most popular random site that is available in the world and the most surprising part in the website is built up with attractive features with multiple offers. It helps to enable to connect with various types of people at the same time you can use this option for weekly subscription also which is one of the extra added advantage in this site.


2) (2,000,000 MUV)


It is one of the best website that is designed with user interfaces and it is very much sophisticated when compared to other similar chat sites that are available. There are many new attracting features that are available based on gender filter and here you can use as weekly or monthly subscriptions.


3) (2,000,000 MUV)

Omegle is a very popular site among the people this site is becoming very popular in the City build with rich features. It is a different type of chat sites that is available for all type of ages mainly for male dominant peoples.

4) (1,000,000 MUV) is built with some of the attractive features in which you will have a multiple match options in which you can manage or avoid the same partners for multiple times. It is one of the interesting feature here you can select your own interest to find your partner who have the same interest like you.

5) (1,000,000 MUV)

It is the most popular website 3 lakh values of people visits to this site monthly and the top users from different countries like China, Spain, Germany, United States and United kingdom.Mostly male dominant type of young generation visit to this popular website since it is designed with attractive features and content.

6) (400,000 MUV)

It is also one of the popular website where monthly 350000 people will be a unique visitor to this popular site. Mostly for this website’s people from Italy, Canada, India, US and Mexico will be the visitors and age group of people will be of middle and gender male dominant type of peoples. It is also designed with rich content that is designed with variety of features.

7) (350,000 MUV)

Famous website similar to Omegle and monthly unique visitors will be about 60,000 people and the top visitors from the country India, Japan, Italy, Azerbaijan and from USA. And mostly female dominant type of people with age group of middle type.

8) (300,000 MUV)

A famous website mainly introduced for male dominant type of genders monthly unique visitors are 4 lakh people and they mostly visit from the countries Indonesia, Denmark, Turkey, Poland and USA.

9) (200,000 MUV)

Here mostly middle and upper female dominant gender type of people visit to this popular website from different countries like Canada, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and USA. Monthly 1 lakh unique visitors will visit to this website and it is one of the popular sites that are available around the world.

10) (80,000 MUV)

11) (60,000 MUV)

12) (60,000 MUV)

That’s all of the list.

this info might be not 100% accurate but it is really useful for our readers to chat online with strangers.


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